As a smart home innovator, we make sure that you can sit back and relax while we implement the installation process from concept to completion. We put ourselves in your shoes to fully comprehend what will be the smartest solution for you.
We are about understanding what is important to you. Our goal is to ensure that we design a system that will deliver exactly what you are looking for. Every smart home automation project begins with a consultation process, either at our headquarters or over the phone.


This is when we hear out your dreams and use your vision to help map out a plan on how to realize them. To maximize practicality, we take into consideration the realities of technological trends, monetary goals, as well as the fundamentals of architecture and design.
Once our team builds the ideal solution that will match your lifestyle needs, the second step of the process will commence. Using the thoroughly drafted plan, our smart systems design team will begin focusing on finding practical solutions for each individual room.


Detailed project plans will be created to reflect the exact positioning of all hardware and wiring.
A solid foundation is the key to a successful outcome. As soon as the proposal is approved, our engineers will plan and produce documents and drawings for the installation of the technical solutions to not only meet client needs but ensure reliability and ease of use.


A complete documentation package will be available to the client at the completion of the project design before moving forward.
Unisat customers deserve the absolute best, that is why we have an exceptionally well-trained team working on our projects. Our installation team have been trained to implement all our systems using the European industry standards defined by the CEDIA.


UNISAT Smart Systems specialists will ensure your home is equipped with proper materials and products. Our job is only complete when you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.
You play an integral role in guiding us to building a perfect smart home, so you will constantly be in touch with our team throughout the duration of the project.


Upon completion, our designers will thoroughly guide you through the finished system and present to you the unique features of your home. A set of as-built documentation will be delivered to you as well, which will serve as a guide to your home’s future.

You Are Most Welcome

At Our Office in Limassol

UNISAT Smart Systems is located in the vibrant area of Limassol. You are always welcome to visit our office, especially if you have any questions regarding the smart home solutions or are having troubles picking out the right one for yourself – we have a team of dedicated specialists who are always at your service.
Give us a call or stop by for a coffee, we are waiting for you!